Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ichigo Abroad Episode 14


  1. Sophia, your hair is beautiful, in this pod cast!!! Your hair is always beautiful. Just that sometimes, you "do more" with it. ,-))))))

    How very cool, that your Mom can add her bits, to this. Naturally your "Pop" and I have no idea how, you do this stuff. But this is to be expected, since we are "olden"...

    Hugs and love,

  2. mar. 26th, 2015

    just saw you on mom's instagram. your hair continues to look great! you continue to look great. I even see 'cat's eyes' makeup. yes I do. cute, cute, cute.

    pretty necklace around your neck... hmmmmm, would that have been a gift?????? from someone????? hmmmmmmmmmmm? inquiring minds want to know!!!! and you know, I have an inquiring mind!!!!

    (who happens to be a year older, today....) ,-)